We're Lexi. We make pens. We like to talk straight.


Established in 2001, Lexi Pvt. Ltd. is a Crisil A-rated, ISO 9001-2015 certified, debt-free family-run business with the best financial ratios in the industry.

Lexi is known in the industry for its honest and professional financial conduct.
All business partners, vendors and service providers are paid on time. The Audited Annual Accounts is released within 3 weeks of the financial year ending.

Lexi operates in a sunrise industry, with exports to over 50 countries.We have set up a 200,000 sq ft production facility with a peak production of 5 million pens/day.
This is funded through internal accruals.

We have a market share of more than 50%* even though our trade price is sometimes higher than competition.

All our products conform to EN - 71 (3) standards for non-toxic ink; our machines are 2013 models, imported from Japan, Germany, Austria.

We have best-in-industry quality-testing equipment & processes to ensure zero defect production.

We are the leader in writing instruments manufacturing and distribution business in India. We are seeking partners, colleagues and leaders on our journey to US$ 100 million (Rupees 600 Crores) in global turnover by 2018.


We do our job well and make a lot of Money.

We maintain our accounts well. No one is kept waiting for their money.

Since we think lots of people in this world want good pens, we will always make a lot of money. In fact we have set up a new factory with our own funds to meet the demand.

We make good pens. Which means we sell more pens than our rivals, even if our pens are priced higher.

Our pens are made on the Best and Latest machines in the industry. The ink in them passes the highest standards of non-toxicity ensuring they are Child Safe.

We make sure we make good pens.

We have done a good job and are now searching for individuals who will join us in the exiciting journey ahead. Are you the one?

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